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Dance School

Around 20 girls are learning dance in the school we teach them Rajasthan dance and flock dance and all Indian dance. Near by our School Gujrati Families are living they are very much interested in Dandia Dance we teach the children. Our teacher Ms. ANITA LAXMAN a world renovated dancer she have genus record and teach the children she lives in the slum.  

Tuition School

After 2 P.M to 4 P.M from government school and Shanti Bal School students studying in the homework school around 35 students studying. Our senior students Satish Bhatt and Meena Bhatt are taking care of this school.

Sophia Computer School
4 to 6 P.M Government School and Shanti Bal School students studying in the computer school, Our senior student Satish Bhatt and Joshua Immanuel and Jasper Rebecca teach the children in the slum school.
Shanti Bal Niketan
It is Private school , 109 children are studying in the school they all are from the slum, and we are providing them school fees, books and copies, with proper uniforms to them, all the student are different classes like nursery  to 12th  class. All the children from the slum Kathputly Colony, different community peoples like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Bihar, U.P, Rajasthan state  

Mrs. Josephine Anandhi is the co-ordinator, with the school and the students and their Parents, she visit the children home regularly, to know their well beings, some students may not be regular to school, she visit the school to note down the names of the student and visit the students home and explaining the importance of the educations to the student.

Leprosy Treatment
Around 40 leprosy families are living their, they all have come from Andhra Pradesh, one of the leprosy effected person, name vital is the in charge, helping all the patient putting ointment and bandages every Monday, we are providing medicine and ointments and bandages, shampoo and soaps to them.
Annual Report

SCED TRUST- NGO is promoting slum children Education in to Private School and Government School, Education for all Slum Children to Strengthen and encourage them, Training them, in a right path, Social and Economic Up-liftment, To identify to good studying in student’s send them to Higher Studies or entrepreneurs and grooming them with skills for setting up own shop. Like, electrician, plumber, carpenter, tailoring, computer hardware and software etc.

Work on specific social issues related to child labour, Child rights, Education, Health, Poverty, Women empowerment (self help group), Entrepreneurship Development, self governance, to ensure an integrated approach to wards development.

Capacity building programme for all the student how to live, hygienic condition and safe drinking water, Environment Health Care, Nutrition food, immunization, play and recreation for the children.

 Most of the children living in the most backward urban slum, our aims to improving nutritional and health status of pre-school children, expectant and nursing mother adolescent girls through a package of services, supplementary nutrition, immunisation, health check up referral services, treatment of minor illnesses pre-school nutrition and health education.

 SCED Trust Organised compulsory elementary Education for all the children, ARTICLE 45 of the constitution stipulatesFREE AND COMPULSORY EDUCATION FOR ALL CHILDREN’ until day they complete the age of 14 years. SCED Trust initiated to give basic elementary education in GUJRATI SCHOOL and LITTLE KINGDOM SCHOOL, we have more then 600 children are studying in our Slum School.

 SCED Trust as plane to start Elementary education for all the Slum, each an every slum in and around Delhi to give elementary education for all the slum children for the age group of 4 to 6 years, After admit them to near by government school or private school. Trained them an work very closely with them, parents to explain the importance of education. To develop good relation with community in the Slum area on issue of education health child rights human development. To fulfil its vision and mission of SCED Trust.

 SCED Trust Promoting better health and sanitation programme in the Slum area good drinking water, good Environment good hygienic through awareness education to all the student living in Slum.

SCED Trust plan to ask various government departments and international NGO to support SCED Trust, project and proposal to send various government schemes. To develop women empowerment (self help group) micro enterprises development and is extending micro credit services to start small enterprises for economic development for women.

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