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Attention and efforts should be focused on increasing the school enrolment at primary level, reducing school drop out notes partially for girls and supplementary formal school Education with coaching assistant to assist slum children joining the formal schooling system.
Primary Education
We give Education to the Slum children pre- Education and primary Education and Secondary Education to the needy children s school , N G O facilities on a priority basis with the most undeserved areas receiving priority assistant. Slum School Building ,Multipurpose community centre (MPCC) also be used for Extra curricular activates Like Dance class and Puppet Making Class ,we give Basic computer education to slum kids.

SAGE (Situation Assessment Goal Establishment) report was taken by Mummy Sofia in 1991 in Katputli Colony sadipur depot Patel nagar.
Mummy Sofia visited the slum and sees the situation and realized that there are so many children running hear and there, she enquired the children …..Where are you studying? The children said we are not studying in the school, she was surprised and thought in her mind we have to do something for these children and discussed with her friends in Belgium. In Belgium some of the retired teacher are visited to India and see the real situation and then they stared group of well wishers to support and sponsors the children in the slum   Katputli Colony , Sadipur Dipo new Delhi.

 This trust indicated mummy Sofia, for last 19 years voluntary work and social work in katputli colony Sadipur Dipo New Delhi.

In 11th November 2002 officially stared in Delhi, this trust was stated by Josephine Anandhi
In November 14, the children day celebrated in India the same time Mrs. Josephine anandhi taken the responsibility and initiated the continue work with the katputli colony for the well fare of the children. For this service rules and response of work based team envelope in Belgium NGO ASBL MAURICETTE started.

They give advice and monitoring to help to our SLUM EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT TRUST.

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